Newtown Creek

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Newtown Creek

When I worked in Long Island City, I would bike ride to and from work several times a week, at least.

It was 20 miles round trip - and that was through Queens rush hour traffic, bad roads, and irate NY drivers.

I was already in my late 50's at this time. I have and always have had a sense of adventure.

As though this bike ride wasn't daunting enough, on Fridays going home I'd add an extra leg to the journey, taking me past the Brooklyn waterfront, down to Coney Island, and back to Queens on the Belt Parkway bike path.

Now it was a 65 mile round trip. On a full work day.


But I loved it - and now and then I'd snap a pic.

This one was from the Polaski Bridge, which connects Long Island City in Queens to Greenpoint in Brooklyn.

Newtown Creek, a 3.5-mile long tributary of the East River, is an estuary that forms part of the border between the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, in New York City.



Newtown Creek