La Fonda Breakfast Table

La Fonda on the Plaza Hotel, La Plazuela restaurant

18 x 24

Oil on Stretched Canvas

Completed: 6/26/2019

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La Plazuela

I provided the music (classical guitar) for a wedding in Santa Fe a few weeks ago.

We stayed at a beautiful hotel there - La Fonda on the Plaza.

The morning of the wedding we had breakfast at La Plazuela in the hotel;

the way the light was striking the table was so beautiful - I took a pic.

I knew I was going to paint it. And I did. My first still life, too.


And by the way the painting "wraps around".

Here's a view at an angle so you can see the wrap around on the left side,

At an angle



And this is the original pic that I took, on the morning of Caley and James' wedding,

in La Plazuela

Saturday June 8, 2019.