I am now accepting commissions!

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I can create an oil painting on canvas, from your photo.

Please see details below.


The best place to start is to show you exactly what I do.

Some of these are early attempts. It took me 4 years to get to where I am now - and I am still improving rapidly.


The photo is on the left, my painting is on the right.


Don't be mislead by the small thumbnails.

The canvas can be up to 30 x 40 inches and beyond!


Tom with Painting




Painting with oil is an ancient art. No need to tell you of its endurance and its permanence, and that it has been the traditional choice for the most important paintings in history.

Oil paintings last for centuries. Unlike photographs, oil paintings can remain in their original condition indefinately, without fading or degrading. We've all seen paintings from the Renaissance and even earlier. This is due to the nature of the pigments, oil, and the binders used in oil paints. They don't so much as dry (as do water based media), but cure and harden over time. While dry to the touch, an oil painting can take months to completely cure; but it can be shipped safely much sooner than that.

Computer images like jpgs and bitmaps are disposable bits of 0's and 1's. They can be quite nice but they are temporary, not to mention the small size of a screen on a laptop or phone.

A beautiful portrait, hung in a sitting room in your home, will have a presence that cannot be matched by images on a phone or within folders on a computer's hard drive, which are rarely seen and rarely enjoyed. You will hang an oil painting with pride in your home.

I can take your photo and turn it into a painting.

It doesn't have to be a portrait. I will paint whatever I see on the photo - with the understanding that it won't be an exact reproduction. I try my best to capture the spirit of the photo, and produce an artwork with my own interpretation. Details may be omitted, and lighting and/or colors might be different in the final painting. I retain artistic control of the project. Still, my aim is to render the photograph as accurately as I can, on canvas.

(Take care to choose a photo you have the rights to reproduce).


Time to Complete:

Larger works take about 2 weeks to a month to complete, depending on size and complexity. Smaller works take much less time - as little as a day or two. Drying time is 2 weeks minimum.



I will look at your photo and come up with a price for the painting, depending mostly on the size you choose.

The smallest paintings will go for the minimum price - around $250.

Larger paintings go up from there. An 18 x 20 portrait will take me a week and go for around $750.

Please inquire. I won't break the bank - I want the project!


Framing and Shipping can both be arranged at extra cost, if required.



If you're not happy with it, you don't accept the painting and you don't pay.


email me at marc@marcfriedlander.com to arrange a commission



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